William Benson - Oil Paintings


Have you ever wondered about what is involved in commissioning an artist to do a painting for you? One that may capture a special occasion such as a wedding...or that scenic trip you took abroad...or a historic home you purchased...or that could feature custom colors or sizing to fit your decor...etc.

Commissioning a painting can be a simple and affordable process. Not all artists do commissions, but William does. He enjoys the collaborative & creative process of working together with his clients to create an original piece of art.

Often the process is as simple as providing a photo of what you want a painting of. William takes the photo and uses it as his reference source to paint from. Paintings can often be completed within a week of the start time, depending on the complexity of the painting, the size of the canvas, the layers of oil color used, and the amount of drying time between layers.

If you're interested in commissioning a painting, contact William Bensen for more information.